Brendon Gordon Architects

Rowe Residence
“If you want a more interesting life, you couldn’t do better than to live with fine architecture” - John Lautner

The Rowes purchased 443 Oceanback Road in late 2016.
The 220sqm 1990’s home was immaculately presented by the previous owners, however it needed a serious ‘birthday’.

With a refined appreciation for good architecture, the Rowes presented an amazing breif, with references to Calfironian architect John Lautner’s ‘Segal House’, which became central to the design.

The deisng had to link with the landscape in both use of materials and californian contemporary, modernist aesthetic.
Making the most of the existing structure was important, dictating structural parameters.

A house that values quality not quantity…nice!
An emphasis on comfort and beauty… definitely!
Great site, good bones... great brief!

Executed by a great team to make something very special.