Brendon Gordon Architects


Blackwood Lodge

In 2017 BGA was approached by some lovely clients seeking to make the most of a very unique site situated on waterfront of the Tauranga Harbour.

Central to their breif was building a home that is ecologically concious, aware of the stressors facing our planet and respectful to the natural environment.

Blackwood lodge is the outcome of time spent by both the architect and the clients on the land, learning its unique qualities and spatial topography.

As you move in and around the building the design presents many viewshafts and connections to the environment.

The spaces around the building are considered as just as important…context.

Blackwood lodge is all about recycling, reusing and making energy conscious design decisions, respecting the existing structure and being very close to nature.

No effort was spared in upholding this ethos, to the extent that many of the trees used in this build were grown, cut and sawn on site - tremendously reducing the carbon footprint of the materials whilist evolving the locally sourced nuance.

Before building on the site, the clients spent time developing an extensive vege-garden, with the intention of providing whole organic fruits and vegetables for both themselves and  the local community... and for WOOF’ing adventurers!

Throughout the build, the values of shared care, sociability and conciousness shaped design decisons. Blackwood lodge is self sufficent in terms of power and water, and the home works for two people or twenty - an entertainers dream.

Blackwood lodge orientates to north, to the sun key to good sustainable design principles.

With considered rooflight glazing and skylights placement allowing additional natural light admittance. Natural ventilation is achieved with controllable apertures and the perimeter verandas.

Photovoltaic panels on the house roof generate power for the ducted air conditioning system, pool pumps, water pumps and the car.

New Cedar joinery with sashes opening inwards and being side and bottom hung replaces the original cedar joinery.

Any reusable materials were given to a local artist neighbour for his own house, swaste was minimised.

A hydronic solar system sits on the poolhouse roof providing all the hot water for the house, and cottage plus the swimming pool, spa pool and supplies the underfloor heating system.  Designed and installed  by the clients local genius friend.

These systems are monitored and driven by a C-Bus automation system which also drives the custom LED lighting system, music, data and fireplaces.

Blackwood lodge has double the required roof and wall insulation and timber joinery help improve the building envelope performance.

The original bricks were reused however there were not enough and we could not source any to match so opted to plaster the face of the added bricks hence the plastered bagged finish.

The cedar weatherboards generate from the brick ,window and door head datumn line refencing the original design.  

A contrasting smaller profile weatherboard is introduced to the occupied spaces under the verandahs, entrance and garage doors.

Locally sourced Macrocarpa soffits were reintroduced.

Blackwood Lodge enrols smart technology systems and good design decisions .

Blackwood lodge is an exemplary in terms of its sustainability initiatives with environmentally conscious and motivated clients.